Solo travel allows discovering that part of yours you haven’t seen. It gives a new perspective towards life and it helps to shape your personality too.

“You are missing out on something major if you haven’t travelled solo once in a lifetime”

I have travelled solo and in a group too. To be honest, I love travelling solo or prefer travelling with 4-5 like-minded traveller who shares a similar vision for travel.

Solo travel is a kind of experience you can’t describe in words. If I have to summarise few things why I love solo travel then it would be as following.

  1. You are your leader

Solo travel gives you full freedom to decide where you want to visit and how many days you want to stay. In solo travel, you are your decision-maker and it boosts confidence and polishes your decision-making skills.

You create your itinerary and at any moment you can make any changes as you want.

  1. Meeting new people and make new friends

Solo travel gives a chance to talk to strangers and believe me you will end up making new friends for a lifetime.

When you meet a person who belongs to a specific piece of land and working on a different domain, you have a lot to exchange on different subjects.

Apart from it, you can plan travel with them, it helps in saving money, explore places where you can’t go alone and many such things.

I remember in my last solo travel I was having my me time in Kasol at the riverside, there I met a newly married Bengali couple who shared their struggle and experience of getting married during the pandemic lockdown.

There only I met two friends from Mumbai and as we had the same plans for the next day, we travelled together to our next destination and became good friends.   

  1. Quality time with locals

When you are travelling solo, you can go anywhere you like and you can spend your time the way you want.

For me, travelling is not only about visiting a place. It’s about exploring different aspects of life, people, culture, geography, etc.

I love meeting and talking to local people as no one else can give you detailed information about the different aspects of the place.

When you talk to locals you learn so many things, you get to know some interesting facts about the place which you won’t find on google.

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  1. Go anywhere you want

I prefer slow travel and I love to visit the same place/spot again at different times. The same place will have different vibes in different parts of the day and season.

Solo travel gives you that freedom. You can visit the place as many times as you want.

  1. Stay where you want

The synonym of solo travel is freedom!

You are free to choose where you want to stay. Even you can change your stay if you aren’t comfortable being there.

For me, travel is all about the experience. According to the place I prefer staying in traveller’s hostels, homestay or a hotel.

  1. You will become confident and courageous

Solo travel is like your coach. It will polish and shape you with different skills and learnings.

Travelling solo you will become more confident in taking your decisions, talking to strangers, you will learn how to trust your instincts, whom to trust and whom to not, what to choose and what not.

You will overcome your fears. Travelling is never free from challenges and being a solo traveller you will gain the courage to face and overcome challenges alone.

Solo travel gives power and it changes your outlook towards the world and life.

  1. Me time & more time to observe things around

Solo travel allows soaking the beauty of the place within. It gives ample time to look within and spend quality me time.

During your solo travel, you will start loving and enjoying your own company.

Even you will discover new habits and new you.

Final Words:

Solo travel is an experience and you will pack your backpack with amazing memories.

Have you ever travelled solo anywhere? What is your experience and what are your reasons to travel solo?

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