When you begin following your passion, you aren’t always pro. You make some mistakes initially maybe because you don’t know the exact process or because of lack of clarity. Here are 5 things I wish I knew before being a travel blogger.

  1. Courage to follow the passion

I remember when I was working in a full-time job in Mumbai, sitting on the 4th floor of the building, whenever it used to rains or pleasant weather, I would often say to my colleague that this beautiful weather lures me to travel.

Well, such statements were out of wishes, I love travelling and exploring different places, cultures, history and geography, meet different people and listen to their stories, lifestyles and having a feeling in my heart that such an amazing planet this is.

I used to say often that I love travelling but I never dared to take steps forward. I didn’t find out how can I plan a trip and accommodation.

I spent most of the years dreaming about travel, I had forgotten that to make dream come true you need to take action.

I remember, once my roommate planned a solo trip, booked tickets, packed her backpack and went on the solo trip to Jaipur. When I got to know about this I was simply amazed that how a girl can take such a bold step.

If you have any passion, follow it. Time will never be perfect to start, your actions towards your passion will make it right.

2. Document travel stories

Most of the time when I travelled I just travelled. I used to get lost in the beauty of the places. I didn’t think of documenting my travel journey in the form of pictures, videos or writing.

I explored places just for an experience which is good but it could have been better today if I had my journeys documented.

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3. How to turn passion into profits

When I realised and began documenting my travels. I made another mistake to write just for fun. I know, nothing wrong with that you can maintain your travel journal where you can share your travel stories but if you want to take travel blogging as a profession in future then start investing in it from day one.

When I started travel blogging I relied on free travel blogging platforms with consideration in mind that in future I will become a full-time travel blogger or when I will have sufficient traffic coming in I will take it seriously and work professionally, It wasted my time and energy.

If you are serious or even you just want to blog for fun, take it seriously, because you will never know when your interest will turn into a full-time profession that you will want to monetise it later on.

Have your own blogging website or youtube channel to document your travel stories. Don’t go for free blogging platforms, buy a domain name and hosting plan and set up your blog.

If you love making videos then start your travel YouTube channel.

4. Investing in right gears

Though I love to travel, I didn’t invest in right gears as I thought I will buy a good camera later on. There were many instances where videos taken from the mobile phone were shaky and not up to the mark and later on I regrated.

It’s a personal choice to invest in gears initially or not. But if you are thinking to turn your passion into a profession in future then smart investment initially would be beneficial.

5. Social media presence

I used to think that social media is a time pass, I was wrong. Social media means business. If you want to be seen or heard, you must have your footprints on social media.

If after having my social media account I wasn’t serious or regular with posting. Which I regrated badly when I started getting my projects from social media and I have found some amazing friends from social media itself.

If your goal is to make travel blogging as a full-time job then in future you will need a social media kit.

Final words:

So, this was it. I wish this blog would help you in some ways. Let me know your thoughts.

Are you a travel blogger or travel vlogger? Do you want to add more to this post?

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