Kasol; A mini Israel of India is a hippie hamlet in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is known as mini Israel because it receives a high number of Israeli tourists.

Kasol is the base point in the Parvati Valley from where most of the treks begin. Every place has its own beauty doesn’t matter if it’s crowded or secluded. Kasol is a little noisy as compared to other places in the Parvati Valley so most travellers and tourists make their way to nearby villages and treks.

Yet you should not miss exploring Kasol as it crowns some unique charm. Here are 15 things you can do while in kasol and make your stay worthwhile there.

  1. Spend moments at the riverside

As kasol is located on the bank of the mighty Parvati river, you should not miss this opportunity. Water is one of the 5 major elements of the body and spending some time at the riverside calms your mind. Water plays important role in the aura cleansing process too, Will talk about it in detail in a separate blog. Nevertheless to mention that you can click some amazing pictures and shoot videos.

2. Take a small hike to Choj

Choj is a small village towards Manikarn Road. It has some cozy homestays and café. If you are looking for a peaceful place to get away from the crowd then Choj should be on your list. First, you will cross the bridge, you can spend some time at the riverside there. As you hike, the melodious sound of the adjacent stream will be the cherry on the cake.

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3. Try Israeli cuisine

Don’t miss trying some Israeli cuisine when you are in mini Israel of India.

4. Visit café

Kasol is loaded with some cool cafés, you can visit to admire some fantastic paintings and music. You can spend quality time there.

5. Try Street Food

This is one of the most delicious things you can do in Kasol. Streets of Kasol has some awesome unique flavoured foods. When in Kasol, never miss trying momos.

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6. Visit Park

Kasol has a beautiful park. You will need to buy the entry ticket for a nominal charge but you will love the structure inside. It falls on the riverside so you can enjoy the splashing waves of the river. It’s fun to visit the park.

7. Take a small hike on Grahan road

You can escape towards Grahan side as after a small hike there you will experience the peaceful waves of the pine forests. It’s also a beautiful place for photo and video shoots.

8. Shopping

Ahhh! This is the favourite thing of almost everyone. Colourful dream catchers, handicrafts items and some cool apparel add liveliness to the streets of the Kasol. Enjoy shopping there and don’t forget to buy Tibetan Flags to gift your friends and family.

9. Go for a walk in Kasol itself

It’s not always that you need to experience something great, being there itself is a great experience. When you are in Kasol take a walk towards different streets of the Kasol and I am sure you will love it.

10. Trekking to Chalal

Chalal is a nearby village. The first part of its trekking is alongside the Parvati River and the later part is surrounded by the pine forest which is a surreal experience. Take a halt somewhere and enjoy tea or coffee with a spectacular view.

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11. Talk to locals

This is one of my favourite things to do while travelling. You will get to hear awesome stories and know about a different culture and you might end up exploring totally unexplored places.

12. Try riverside camping

You can also join some interesting activities happening at riverside camping.

13. Hike towards Manikaran

We often fall in love with turns and the beautiful view along the route. You will enjoy the Manikaran hike as this route has a river flowing and a hillside along the way.

14. Hike towards Bhuntar

Hiking on this route is a different kind of experience as you will be covered by the canopy of the trees and the sound of insects along with the river is added sauce.

15. Strangers are friends you haven’t met

If you are travelling solo or in a group, don’t hesitate to talk to strangers as it’s rightly said, “Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet”, you might end up making friends for a lifetime.

Have you ever been to Kasol? What is your experience? I would love to enrich my knowledge if you want to add some cool things to do in Kasol.

Good Vibes!

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